Oblivion House Mod Hunters – Episode One

Oblivion House Mod Hunters is a series dedicated to showing off three random house mods for Oblivion each week in three different categories (Popular, New and Underrated), with the goal of showing off the features, locations, and styles that each house provides. Since almost everyone needs a house mod of some sort for their characters, and with a few thousand house mods out there for Oblivion, it’s easy to miss a cool house mod that you may well enjoy, so my hope is that with this series, we’ll be able to spotlight some house mods that you may not have considered before while also making it easier for you to decide on a house mod for your own play-through of Oblivion.

In this first episode, we’re taking a look at the extremely popular Red Rose Manor mod by Emma, the new house mod Lone Wolf Cottage by ex-Morrowind modder Srdjan Pokorni (Spokorni), and the underrated Bond’s Skyship mod by Bond.

Popular House Mod of the Week – Red Rose Manor By Emma
New House Mod of the Week – Lone Wolf Cottage By Srdjan Pokorni (Spokorni)
Underrated House Mod of the Week – Bond’s Skyship By Bond

The music in this video is from Oblivion Music Overdose by Jon Babb and Total Music Conversion by Doctor Eternal.

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