Morrowind Modding Interviews – Melchior Dahrk

In this week’s episode of Morrowind Modding Interviews, we’re talking with Melchior Dahrk, the author behind a number of popular mods such as “New Gnaar Mok”, “Atronach Expansion” and “Dunmer Lantern Replacer”. Not to mention he’s the project lead, and pretty much sole developer for that matter, on Lyithdonea – The Azurian Isles. During this interview we discuss everything from how he got his start in modding, to the current state of Lyithdonea and his new six-month deadline, and where he thinks the community is going in the future. Hope you all enjoy!

A full list of Melchior’s mods and project is included below.

Projects For Morrowind:

Lyithdonea, The Azurian Isles
Of Ash and Blight

Mods For Morrowind:

Melchior’s Old Mods
Dahrk Creatures I
Leijing Hill
Alswyth Plantation
Dura gra-Bol’s House Extended
Atronach Expansion
New Gnaar Mok
Silt Strider Armor
Spriggans and Twiggans
Umbra – Blademaster
Quorn Resource Integration
Antares’ Creatures Integration
New Starfields
Telvanni Fireplace Replacer
Forge of Hilbongard
Mallorn Trees in Morrowind
Dunmer Lanterns Replacer
Dragon Statue Replacer
Pearls Enhanced
Staffs of the Daedra
Thieves Guild Fences (Dealers)
The Island Aln’Baldrahn
Imperial Grates Resource
Mostly New Trees
Melchior’s Maormer Resource
Heralders – The Trumpet Mod
Imperial Architecture Resource
Overlooked Meshes Galore
Dire Flame Atronachs
Magebane Replacer
Happy Halloween 2013
Lord Devil/Quatloos Memorial Mod
Unique Eltonbrand for Fallen One’s Goldbrand
Dahrk’s Super-Sized Storage (D’sSSS)
White Suran 2 – MD Edition
Melchior’s Mudcrab Merchant

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