Morrowind Modding Interviews – MacKom

In this week’s episode of Modder Interviews, we’re talking with MacKom, the popular author behind a number of both Morrowind and Skyrim mods such as the “Morrowind Redone Series” for Morrowind and “Lore Styles Hair Set” for Skyrim. He’s also a professional freelancer in the Video Game Industry having worked on a number of titles including the recently released Starpoint Gemini 2 (currently available on Steam). In the interview we talk about the differences between modding Morrowind and Skyrim, how modding has influenced his career in the video game industry, and where he thinks the Morrowind Modding Community is going in the coming years.

Feel free to submit questions and suggestions for who to interview next at our forum thread or twitter account.

Here’s a few of the memorable quotes from the interview with MacKom:

“This is actually a game where you have to turn your brain on.” – MacKom on the difficulty of Morrowind.

If I had to weigh in, did my work influence my modding more or did my modding influence my work more, I would definitely say the latter.” – MacKom on how modding has influenced his career in the Video Game Industry.

“For the following ten years, Morrowind could experience a renaissance so to say, it could become more than its developers ever dreamed of it being.” – MacKom on the potential of OpenMW and the future of the Morrowind Modding Community.

“Keep playing Morrowind, keep enjoying Morrowind, keep modding Morrowind” – MacKom on closing comments.

We’ll be releasing a new interview every Wednesday, so check in every week to hear from your favorite modders!

A full list of MacKom’s projects and mods is included below:

Mods for Morrowind:
Dunmers Redone
Imperials Redone
Altmers Redone
Orsimer Redone
Redguards Redone
Bretons Redone
Maormer Race
Skinned Hairs for Morrowind

Mods for Skyrim:
MacKom’s Real Skin for Men
Lore Styles Hair Set

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