Morrowind Modding Trailers – Ald Vendras

Welcome to the first episode of our latest series, Morrowind Modding Trailers. These are meant to be short scenic videos of various mods from around the Morrowind Modding Community without all the narration that one finds in an episode of Morrowind Modding Showcases. Indeed, these videos are meant to show off some of the beautiful mods out there and send a little extra attention their way. Got a suggestion for a mod in need of a trailer? Feel free to let us know either via twitter or by our forum thread!

For our first trailer, we’re showing off Ald Vendras by Centurion and Lucan. This is a beautiful and massive new landmass mod located east of Soltheim and containing dozens of towns, dungeons and quests for you to check out. In these scattered isles you’ll find several hours worth of content to enhance your gameplay with, so why not go ahead and give it a try today?

You can download Ald Vendras here.

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