Morrowind Modding Interviews – Brucoms

Welcome to the third episode of Morrowind Modding Interviews, a new podcast-like series interviewing modders from around the community! Have you ever wanted to hear your favorite mod authors answer your questions in a semi-conversational interview setting? Now’s your chance!

Feel free to submit questions and suggestions for who to interview at our forum thread or send us a tweet at our twitter account.

This week we interview Brucoms, a newer modder that actually started out modding Skyrim before moving over to Morrowind. Brucoms is the current project lead for Morrowind Modding Wiki and author of such mods as Lakeside House and TES3ReadMe Generator. The audio quality is a little off this time around, mostly because as a podcast series we’re naturally going to have fluctuating quality in mics from time to time. In any event, we discuss a number of topics ranging from what you should do for your first mod, how Brucoms got roped into doing the Morrowind Modding Wiki, and what the community should be doing to ensure its survival into the next decade.

A full list of Brucoms’ projects and mods is included below:


Morrowind Modding Wiki
Mods for Morrowind:
Lakeside House
TES3ReadMe Generator
Mods for Skyrim:
Lakeside House

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