Morrowind Modding Showcases – Episode Ten

Here’s episode ten of Morrowind Modding Showcases, which covers everything from mods that add new fashionable dressware to ticking clocks, from mods that allow you to consort with the Daedric powers of Oblivion to conversing with floating skulls, and from mods that allow you to visit the realms of the undead to the castles of the living! There’s a ton to see in this episode, and you can find the mod download links below.

Order of Mods and Their Download Links:

Popular Mod of the Week – Hilgya the Seamstress By Plangkye

Building Mod of the Week – Seyda Supplies By Crankgorilla

Gameplay Mod of the Week – Guars By Abot

Dungeons Mod of the Week – Tombs Expanded By Zappara

Items Mod of the Week – Mournhold Clockmaker By Barabus and Nigedo

Quests Mod of the Week – Daedric Sorcery By Edwardsmd

Landmass Mod of the Week – Lothavor’s Legacy By Erstam

NPC Mod of the Week – Morte! By Jac

New Meshes and Textures Mod of the Week – Vvardenfell Diversified By BroderFisk

Underrated Mod of the Week – Faction Living Quarters By Ortiee

Blast from the Past Mod of the Week – Castle Vianden By ReflectioN

Bonus Mod of the Week – New Bedrolls By Calislahn

Special thanks to all of the modders who contributed to this video, Melchior Dahrk for all of the wonderful graphics, and the entire Morrowind Modding Community for continuing ever onward and supporting Morrowind through all these long years!

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