Morrowind Modding Tutorials – Using Tes3cmd

Morrowind 2014-08-18 22-49-14-67One of the more popular mod cleaning tools for Morrowind these days is tes3cmd, and it can be a very useful program for completely cleaning a mod in one go. Problem is, most people don’t like command-line programs too well, because they’re a little hard to use and there’s a number of graphical interface tools that do mostly the same things. Still, tes3cmd can be pretty quick and painless for getting mod cleaning done right, so it’s an important subject to cover.

Now, the tutorial below was actually written by Pinkertonius on the Bethesda Forums, and all credit should go to him for making such a simple and straight-forward guide. I’m just posting it here for convenience.

TES3CMD by John Moonsugar

This program is great at cleaning, fixit, fiddling with a mod. It’s very thorough and catches stuff other cleaner do while not breaking the mod (Yes, I’m looking at you TESTOOL). It can update the headers to match the ESMS, recover bad mods, dump data, and so much more. It even has a “fixit” command that will actually fix it (unlike …ahem cough..TESTOOL…cough).

The main drawback is no GUI. That does limit audience, because to be honest while versatile, the command line just isn’t that much fun. Heck in windows, its a pain to even get it the directory you want. But I have a way:

Manual Method:
Find your Morrowind/DataFiles directory
Right click it while holding shift
Select “open cmd window here” and a Command box will appear with the directory all ready set to Data Files.
As long as TES3CMD is in that directory,
Type “TES3CMD clean <modname.esp>” or “Tes3cmd fixit” (to fix everything)

I also have made a bat file that will allow you to drag and drop an esp right on top of it and it will clean it then put the results and log file right back where the ESP came from.
I use this for my “Morrowind Archive” directory. I like to clean the mods before I put them in my Data Files directory. Here’s how (sampled for TESELINT)

More “I hate command lines” friendly method:
Open Notepad. Cut and paste below. Save as .bat file where ever you installed TES3CMD. Then find the file, right click and select Send->Send to desktop as shortcut. Now you can drag an esp from any folder onto your desktop shortcut and it will clean it and put the clean one right back where it came from.

Batch file text (cut and paste the below)
@echo off
rem drag and dropable bat file
rem put shortcut on desktop and drag esp onto it
rem “clean” file and log will be added to same folder the esp came from

tes3cmd clean %1 > %1-cleaned.log
type %1-cleaned.log

In my experience 95% of my mods were somekind of dirty. And this fixes that.

Just follow this guide, and you should be able to clean any Morrowind mod without any problems.

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