Lokken and Tomb of the Snow Prince Compatibility Guide

Episode Five - The White Wolf of Lokken MountainFor a while now, two of the most popular mods for Morrowind’s version of Solstheim, The White Wolf of Lokken Mountain and the Solstheim Overhaul: Tomb of the Snow Prince have conflicted with each other. What’s interesting is that these conflicts are mostly unnecessary, and you can actually get both mods to work well together fairly easily. That’s where this guide comes in, this will show you how to make both mods visibly compatible with one-another in a few simple steps that should take, at most, about five minutes.

First you’re going to need to install Morrowind Enchanted Editor, which is an extremely useful tool for editing mods on the fly. Pretty much the entire cause for the conflicts between Lokken and Tomb of the Snow Prince are land alteration related, with six exterior cells in particular being the primary culprits. As it so happens, the changes to five of these cells in Tomb of the Snow Prince are relatively unnecessary, and the sixth cell isn’t needed in Lokken either. By deleting the land alterations to these specific cells, we can make it so both mods function well with one another.

Now, once you have Enchanted Editor installed, run the program and open up wl_SolstheimOverhaul_v1.esm. You’ll see a list of categories on the left-hand side, scroll down and select “Landscape”. Your screen should look like the one below.

Lokken and STotNP Conflict Fix 03Select and checkmark the cells “-17, 21”, “-17, 22”, “-17, 25”, “-18, 22”, and “-18, 23”. Now hit “Delete Marked”, save the file and close the window.

Next, open up the file BT_Whitewolf_2_0.esm (or .esp if you plan to use that) in Enchanted Editor. Scroll down and find the “Landscape” tab.

Lokken and STotNP Conflict Fix 02Find and checkmark the cell “-18, 24” and hit “Delete Marked”. Once you save the file, you should be able to play Morrowind with both mods activated without any noticeable conflicts. That’s not to say this makes both mods completely compatible, there’s still a slight land tear present, but it’s deep underwater and chances are you won’t see it unless you go looking for it.

Of course this may not be the best way to make both mods work together well, but it’s simple and straightforward and just about anyone should be able to get it to work without any major problems.

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One Response to Lokken and Tomb of the Snow Prince Compatibility Guide

  1. Siva Smith says:

    And if you can’t use Enchanted Editor for some reason, then what? (I have OpenMW on Ubuntu, as an example. EE doesn’t play nice with WINE.)

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