Modding Reviews – The Mysterious Tower

The Mysterious TowerIn the Zafirbel Bay, outside the docks of Tel Fyr, a second tower rises. Where it came from, who can say? Perhaps it has always been here, perhaps it has not. Maybe it appeared here from someplace else, or maybe it is not of Nirn at all. Where Divayth Fyr is concerned, anything is possible. I approached the tower with caution, it could be that it hid certain adventure, or it could just be an elaborate joke by a certain odd Telvanni wizard. The trapdoor was open, so I descended, perhaps foolishly, into the darkness below. *click* The door locks behind me, and now I’m trapped, no doubt part of someone’s sinister game.

Mysterious Tower - Lots of SkullsThe darkness closes in, only a few candles light this subterranean entrance. Luckily, someone was thoughtful enough to leave a few night-eye potions by the door, and soon I can see my surroundings. Death is heavy in the air, right ahead a corpse of some poor fellow slouches against the wall, a note by his side. Whatever happened here, it appears there are no survivors, all I find further inside is more corpses. What killed them? Was is it the undead, some unforeseen foe, or did they all kill each-other? Certainly it could not have been the rats! Whatever sad tale ended these poor fellows has been lost to time, only a few notes remain, leaving the cause of their destruction uncertain. I creep along the halls, hoping to find an exit, but only finding more corpses and more rats.

Mysterious Tower - A Few Paths to TakeThe farther into the tower I dwell, the more evident it becomes this is someone’s idea of a game. I found a note containing a hint of where to find the key to get out, but who left it and why did they build such a place? Such questions remain unanswered, my one solace is that there are few worthy opponents that can challenge me. This tower seems to be almost entirely populated by rats and the occasional undead, hardly a match for a mage like me, a few fireballs and most of them are quickly dispatched. Surprisingly, for a place so sparse in challenge, numerous valuable artifacts sprinkle the halls and shelves. But treasure does me no good, I must find the key…

Mod: The Mysterious Tower

Author: Mad Wolf

Category: Dungeons

Requirements: Just Morrowind

Review Summery: Before I get too far into my review, let me first state that this mod is extremely dirty. It has the classic 72 “evil” GMSTs and dozens of dirty references, and if you’re considering playing it, I would highly recommend cleaning it first. With that out of the way, the Mysterious Tower is a dungeon right outside of Tel Fyr. It’s about a medium-size dungeon, well-built, with a fair amount of content. Most of the enemies you’ll encounter will be rats and the undead, an easy challenge for most players so it should be fine for low-level characters. There’s also a large number of unique items hidden about, so be sure to search every nook and cranny. Speaking of unique items, an excess of loot is one of this mod’s bigger problems. Each unique item is worth anywhere between six thousand and thirty thousand gold, and there’s a ton of them guarded only by low-level creatures. Based on my play-through, I’d say there’s easily about two-hundred thousand gold worth of loot in the Mysterious Tower, which considering its low level challenge is a bit ridiculous. In addition, there’s several new books you can find which, while providing interesting and fairly well-written stories, also act as skill books. In total, I counted about ten skill books all in a small area, enough to level my character up once.

Overall, the dungeon’s a fun romp and has some genuinely interesting stories scattered about, but it clearly wasn’t designed with purists in mind. The excess loot might pose a problem for some players who want more of a challenge in their game, and the dirty references and GMSTs are a bit of a bother (left uncleaned, these could lead to a corrupted savegame). Still, if one takes the time to clean the mod first (I’d recommend TESPCD for this, and I’d also suggest you read the tutorial if this is your first time) they’ll find an enjoyable little adventure awaiting them.

Rating: Recommended ONLY if you clean the file first! Purists are advised to avoid this one.

Download at: PES

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