Modding Reviews – Aamstergash

An Unassuming Entrance

Out exploring the swamps of the Bitter Coast, I discovered a small entryway leading into the depths below the ground. Curious, I decided to take a peek inside, and was instantly met with a curious fellow wielding a spear. The place was evidently an old abandoned ebony mine, and apparently this fellow’s home.

Aamstergash Mine

After dispatching my foe, my curiosity turned to greed, for what more valuable resource is there than ebony on this fair isle? Would I find great riches here, enough to keep me comfortable in my future adventures? Deep into the mines of Aamstergash I went, following always the trail of ores sticking out from the walls, beckoning my eager hand to pluck their precious cargo.

Delving Deeper into the MineThe mine, as it turns out, was far from abandoned, one violent confrontation quickly turned into two, then three. My opponents, however, were easily dispatched, and I reaped the rewards, ebony ore galore. If I were a blacksmith, I could make the finest ebony weapons and armor with this haul, but alas, I shall have to make due with getting rich from their hefty value.

Aamstergash Lower LevelsMod: Aamstergash

Author: Deathman101

Category: Dungeons

Requirements: Just Morrowind

Review Summery: Aamstergash is a small ebony mine dungeon just a short ways from Seyda Neen, off the road near the unfortunate resting place of Tahriel. The dungeon provides a bit of content more aimed toward lower level starting characters, and is generally fairly well designed. Some of the bandits here may prove a slight challenge at level 1 or 2, but most should be able to best them with ease. Although perfectly suited for low-level characters, some purists may want to avoid this mod due to the sheer amount of loot. Being an ebony mine, it shouldn’t be surprising that is has a lot of ebony (the value of which is 200 gold each). In my play-through I managed to find about 24 pieces of ebony, quite a lot for a low-level player. Regardless, Aamstergash is a fun little dungeon, and if you don’t mind an excess of loot, it’s a nice addition to the Bitter coast’s dungeon-landscape. One should be warned, however, that this mod is NOT clean, there’s a single dirty reference (ex_cave_door_01) that’ll need to be cleaned out before use. I’d recommend TESPCD and follow the tutorial here for proper cleaning directions.

Rating: Recommended for low-level characters, assuming one cleans the file first.

Download at: PES

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