Modding Reviews – Racc’s Chitin House

A Chitin ShackOn a clear and sunny morning, a Breton mage made his way north from Balmora, homeless and distraught by the burden of carrying so many flowers, thorns, mushrooms, and just about every other piece of flora imaginable with magical properties. Brought low by such over-encumbering weight, the poor Breton thought for sure he would die from the walk to Caldera, when what did he find? A corpse, and a lovely shack behind it. Who was this strange Dunmer, carrying only a note and a skooma pipe? Was this his home? Or was it merely fate that he should come to die outside of this abode? With no evidence to suggest a proper owner, the Breton decided to go inside and hunt for clues.

Inside an Alcove of Comfort

A warm fire, hammock, rugs and pillows aplenty greet the weary mage, but not a clue to be found as to an owner. Finding no reason not to, the Breton decides to claim this abode for himself, thanking whatever divine visited this favor upon him, and quickly deposits his numerous items into the waiting bins and sacks, left empty as if expectant of his arrival. Happy with his great fortune, the Breton is surprised to find that there is yet more to this simple shack, a trapdoor leads down into a cold, damp cellar.

The Cellar for Storage

Here lies a treasure trove of mushrooms, ingredients ripe for the picking, and a number of chests and barrels, just waiting for some adventurer to fill them up with loot and precious objects. The Breton mage has truly found a home, built seemingly to meet his every need. A more comfortable abode he could not have wished for.

Mod: Racc’s Chitin House

Author: Raccoonism

Category: Houses

Requirements: Tribunal and Bloodmoon

Review Summery: Racc’s Chitin House is a simple shack, very detailed and exquisitely designed, but small and functional. This is not some grand palace, or large underground lair, it’s a small abode for those players who are just looking for someplace to live in, rather than get lost in. It comes with more than enough storage that even the most experienced adventurer should find it more than adequate, and it also comes with a teleport ring, so no matter how far you travel you’re never truly far away from the conveniences of home. The atmosphere of this abode is quite cozy, and one can just imagine curling up in the hammock with a bottle of flin on a cool Hearthfire evening. As a bit of a bonus, the file’s squeaky clean, no dirty references and no GMSTs contaminate the simple elegance of this player home. All in all, if you’re looking for a mod to call home, but want nothing on a grand scale, you should give this one a try.

Rating: Recommended

Download at: PES

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