Modding Reviews – The Wayside Inn

I left Suran about midday, traveling overland along the road to Pelagiad. The scenery was quite lovely, as is often the case with the Ascadian Isles, the true jewel of the Vvardenfell district. Of course, jewel though it may be, it still wasn’t particularly safe. Before too long, I was set upon by a pair of Kagouti who seemed quite hungry for Breton flesh. Fortunately, the lessons on conjuration I took at the Mages Guild paid off and I was able to summon a rather menacing blade with which I could defend myself. As clumsy as I am with swords, it only took a few slashes before those Kagouti were nothing more than corpses at my feet. With no more obstacles before me, I continued my journey, but soon ran out of magic.

I came before the Wayside Inn fatigued, feet blistering, and more than a little thirsty. It was with thoughts of a strong ale and a warm hot meal that I approached the colonial-looking structure and headed on inside. I was greeted by a musky room filled with tables and patrons. A fire roared in the fireplace, a kettle of something editable filled the room with a pleasant aroma. Surveying the crowd, I found few of them to be of any interest, though one Redguard briefly tried to engage me with a string of friendly advice as I navigated towards the bar.

The publican was a kindly man who happily took my few coins and gave me a slice of bread and a cup of Mazte to wash it down. As I was enjoying my meal, modest though it may be, the fellow to my right suddenly engaged me in conversation. He was Jack Sparrow, famous pirate of the Inner Sea, he told me. I wondered what kind of pirate would be so blunt about his occupation, so near an Imperial outpost, but I didn’t interrupt. This turned out to be for the best, as the pirate told me he already knew who I was. He had picked up that I was a member of the Thieves Guild, and had been promised a helping hand moving some cargo by someone high up in the organization. In short, he offered me a job, go get his cargo and bring it back to him, which he was ready to pay handsomely for. Surprised by my good fortune, I quickly accepted the chance to earn a few coins back, and walked out the door again to follow the road to Seyda Neen…

Mod: The Wayside Inn

Author: Namingway

Category: Buildings/Quests

Requirements: Tribunal and Bloodmoon

Review Summery: The Wayside Inn is a rather charming establishment located at the crossroads between Pelagiad and Balmora. A rustic colonial building, it fits in with the surrounding Ascadian Isles pretty well. The inhabitants of the inn have been given a bit of unique dialogue as well, so not only is the inn a nice place to rest after a long day’s adventure, but there’s also some enjoyment to be had from the npcs. There’s even a small fetch quest, should the player prove to be a member of the Thieves Guild, making this mod more than just eye-candy. That’s not to say the mod is perfect though, as the mod files are quite contaminated with dirty references, including both general dirty references and dialogue dirty references which may prove to be problematic if one has any other dialogue mods installed. If you plan on installing this mod, it’s recommended you use TESPCD and follow the tutorial listed here to clean the mod. Other than that, there’s no real bugs with the Wayside Inn and everything appears to be well-constructed.

Recommended, assuming one cleans the file first.

Download at: PES

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